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Ruby Throat Hummingbird Feeder Feeding

Ruby Throat Hummingbird feeding on our first Heirloom Hummingbird Feeder

Welcome to Copper Garden Studio where Mother Nature plays a very big roll. All of our unique hand crafted products and gifts from Birdbath Fountains, Wild Bird items, Flowers & Art, Hook Hangers, Flames and Fairy Garden Gems  are “Made in America” with care and a “Quality First” attitude. We find the warmth of copper and the longevity of its life make designing in copper the most enjoyable. If kept indoors our copper retains its lustrous copper shine. When outside or in moist locations, the beauty of the blue green patina process only enhances a copper piece protecting it from the elements but not impairing it. Our motto is, “Copper Art that does not rust apart; she just gets more beautiful”.

mardi gras 3

Fairy Garden Wishing Well

All of our copper products are literally “Hand Crafted” with solid copper 16 oz flat sheet, tube, pipe and heavy gauge wire. On listings labeled “Copper House Design” (which indicates that we duplicate this design) some slight variation to the shape or size of leaf may occur. On items where Copper House Design is not indicated, it means that item is a one of a kind. On occasion we may duplicate this design but the overall design will have a difference in look.  Also occasionally, some of our products have sold out and will be made to order until more stock can be made.

2015 swallow tail butterfly and lily pads 11 inch flat 5

Butterfly & Lily Pad Birdbath Fountain

We clear coat our copper products to keep the copper shine longer. If placed in a moist or outdoor location, the copper will darken and patina over time as the clear coat weakens. If kept dry and indoors, the copper shine will last.

The nice thing about solid copper is that it will not crack and break like plastic or rust apart like painted steel, will last forever and will turn a beautiful blue/green patina over time.

On several of our products you will see what we call a “brindled” color to the copper (it is our favorite).  This is what the heating process does to copper leaving beautiful gold’s, silvers and red colors along with the copper tones.  Most of the reds are lost with clear coating which stops the oxygen necessary to create the red colors but if you would rather have a piece that is not brindled or clear coated just let us know and we will make the item to your specific orders. Some brindle will occur at solder joints.

One important note of interest is that we sell our products through our store on  On our “product pages” you will see a “Buy Now on Etsy” button under each item and that will take you directly to that items page at our store site.  On this page you will see several additional pictures of that product along with a complete description and sizes. is a safe, complete, all service online company that I have been with since January of 2010.

Here are our “Product Pages”

In addition we receive many wonderful feedback from our customers on our products and service.  Suzanne writes:  Heather, Our poor, drenched mailman brought a box to the door this morning with your beautiful rosebuds — they are gorgeous! Thank you! One will be a wedding gift and one will be a gift for a dear friend who recently lost her mother. Both are going to the west coast. Thanks and best wishes and success to you! ~ Suzanne   To see more click here!

Bathing Hummingbird Video

Ruby Throat Hummingbird Bathing

Female Ruby Throat Hummingbirds Bathing on our first Copper Birdbath Fountain.

Copper Garden Studio’s Copper Art Pictures Gallery

Swallowtail Butterfly Wrap Around

Swallowtail Butterfly Wrap Around