Copper Birdbath Fountains

Ruby Throat Hummingbird Bathing

Ruby Throat Hummingbird bathing on our first copper birdbath fountain.

This is our Copper Birdbath Fountains introduction page. From here you can access our free standing Container/Pond Fountains.

Our high quality, durable, easy setup, handcrafted solid copper Birdbath Fountains are “bird friendly” with shallow bathing leaves that even the tiniest Hummingbird (see our Bathing Hummingbird Video) will drink and bathe from all while you watch and listen to the relaxing fountain sounds.

Our Birdbath Fountains are virtually maintenance free only requiring a rinsing and refreshing of the drinking and bathing water for the health of your birds. The running water both attracts and encourages birds to bathe while keeping the dreaded Mosquito larvae at bay. Complete instructions are included!

We like to design open “Birds Fly Safe” environments for our Copper Fountains that showcase “Mother Nature’s” beauty with Copper Vines, Cattails, Tall Grasses, Birds, Bugs and Flowers.  Ease and functionality is a big factor in our designing along with Quality that lasts.


Here is feedback from a customer back in 2010; purchased 2005!
Heather’s Copper Fountains are GREAT! They are all designed and made by her with care and quality. I bought my fountain from her about 5 years ago when she had her shop in town. It is on my deck outside my bedroom slider. It runs 24 hours a day. I love to hear the soothing sound of the trickling water. Birds come often to drink, or bathe and that is always fun to watch. You will love any of her fountains, and believe me, it will be hard to find anywhere else the design or quality that you will get with her fountains. I was at the Amish Acres Art Show in Nappanee Indiana one year, and when the show opened, she had people literally running to her booth to be first to pick out their purchases! She is trustworthy, and works harder and with more passion at her craft than anyone I have ever known. -Nancy Ford 🙂 9 August 2010 3:01pm EDT

Important Note: If you are interested in one of our Birdbath Fountains for your Pond and you have Koi fish then you cannot have copper piping in your water. Copper and Koi do not get along for some reason and we would rather you be safe than sorry. Water plants are OK as we have never had any problems growing them in our Fountain Pond but of course it is at your discretion. You just need to keep the roots clear of the fountain pump.

Also Note that we can customize a fountain for you. You can request certain components you see into a fountain design of your own. Just email us for cost and time of completion. Thanks, Heather of Copper Garden Studio