My name is Heather and I cook copper!  I discovered that I had an affinity for copper in the late ’90s when I desired a copper fountain for our living room.  I followed my long time motto of, “If they can do it, I can do it”, and so I did.  My first fountain incorporated a favorite Clematis vine with flowers and leaves along with heart shaped Pothos vine leaves which flowed down to a small square pond and onto lily pads, with flower, floating in the pond.  I was hooked on Copper!  Next I desired Candle Lights in the flower pots on our deck and created the “Candle Lights” that became my first product for sale.  After that I found the US and Canadian “Artisan Blown” Art Glass Balls, that only previously I could find in Germany where my sister lives, and then I was off doing art shows. 

Below you will read some of our feedback from customers that have purchased our products:

From Suzanne:  Heather, Our poor, drenched mailman brought a box to the door this morning with your beautiful rosebuds — they are gorgeous! Thank you! One will be a wedding gift and one will be a gift for a dear friend who recently lost her mother. Both are going to the west coast. Thanks and best wishes and success to you! ~ Suzanne

From Margie:  Heather,
I haven’t had a chance to e-mail you since I received the trio of copper tulips, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you.  I received them on Thursday, September 15, just as you said I would, and I was so pleased with the care you took in packing them. They are just beautiful and arrived perfectly intact thanks to your great packing. My daughter and son-in-law just loved them!  I think they really were the perfect gift for their seventh anniversary.

I really love your thank you gift as well.  I have the little lady bugs on a stained glass mirror I made years ago and have hanging in my foyer.  They are a really sweet addition to the mirror.

I love your work and would definitely make a purchase from your site again.  It was a pleasure!


From Pat:  Heather,

I am getting the fountain for the birds. We have a large hosta garden and the hummingbirds like to drink from the hosta leaves when we water so the fountain will be in close to the hosta garden in the shade of a willow bush where our hummingbirds like to hang out. I am quite sure the orioles, cardinals, chickadees, wrens, etc. will join in the fun.

I will try to send you a picture when we have it working.  Pat


Thank you for your great service. We love it – so beautiful, simple and practical our birds will love it too.


From Tobias:  I want to tell you thank you.
My wife loved the fountain and thankyou for the extra gift you sent.
It really makes a difference.
the fountain is beautiful.

She loves it. Thank you so much.

It is going in her garden. We have humming birds fighting over the feeders and she loves them. They play in the sprinklers.
It is perfect!

thank you so much.
the extra made everything unexpected and special.

I will order from you soon!!!  Thanks again


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