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Swallowtail Butterfly Wrap Around

Swallowtail Butterfly Wrap Around

This is our Home & Garden entrance page. From here you can access the four categorized products pages of Copper Flowers, Copper Art, Home & Garden Lighting  and Fairy Garden Gems.

On the Copper Flowers page you can find just that, Copper Flowers!

On the Copper Art page you can find indoor and outdoor items of both Functional Copper Art and Visual Copper Art pieces that we have for sale at this time. We are always cooking up different copper art items for the home and garden so check back with us occasionally for updated products pages with new or additional product designs.

On the Home & Garden Lighting page you can find our Candle Light products. The Candle Light Products were our original product designs and what started our Copper Garden Studio.

In addition we have cooked up a Fairy Garden Wishing Well so now we have a Fairy Garden Gems page for you to enjoy.