Copper Art

Heather's placeHere you will find some of the pieces we call Copper Art. This can be Functional copper art pieces such as Copper Hook Racks for your home to our Visual 12 inch Butterfly & Dragonfly Yard Art for the garden and what is left of my copper wrapped Hanging Art Glass Balls for your outside ornamental tree decor.

These days most of my large copper yard art is not for sale due to the cost of shipping but you can see some of my work in the Video/Picture Galleries like Copper Art Pictures, Art Glass Pictures and Bird Feeder Pictures.

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Visual Copper Art

“Copper House Design”
12″ Swallowtail Wrap Around
Brindled Finish
“Copper House Design”
12″ Butterfly Wrap Around
Copper Finish
“Copper House Design”
12″ Butterfly Wrap Around
Brindled Finish
Twirling Maple Leaf Branch“Copper House Design”
Twirling Maple Leaf Branch
Brindled Finish
“Copper House Design”
12″ Dragonfly Wrap Around
Brindled Finish

Functional Copper Art

copper hook spiral jewelry hanger combo“Copper House Design”
Spiral Jewelry Hanger Combo
Closet Storage Long Hook Copper Tie Rack Jewelry Hanger-3“Copper House Design”
Closet Rod Long Hook Hanger
Spiral Tie Rack2“Copper House Design”
Spiral Tie Rack Combo
earing plate“Copper House Design”
Earring Plate Jewelry Holder
copper jewelry hanger closet rod“Copper House Design”
Closet Rod Short Hook Hanger
15 inch 11 hook 3“Copper House Design”
Short Hook 13″ Wall Rack
wall rack, long hook, 14 inch“Copper House Design”
Long Hook 15″ Wall Rack
copper long hook rack 22 inch utensils“Copper House Design”
Long Hook 22″ Wall Rack
21 inch 15 small hook“Copper House Design”
Short Hook 21″ Wall Rack
short hook 18 inch 16 hook4“Copper House Design”
Short Hook 18″ Wall Rack

Hanging Art Glass Balls

Amber Fairy Orb 2Spirit Ball
Internal Glass Stranded
5.5 inch Multi Color
Copper Curly Hanging Wrap
Cobalt Blue 14 inch Art Glass BallGiant Royal Blue Oval
14 inch Ball
Copper Vine Hanger
blue red yellow calico ball hook 2Calico Ball
6 inch Blue Multi Color
Simple Copper Hook WrapButton-Sold
6 inch rose ball wrappedCalico Ball Swirl
6 inch Pinks
Copper Curly Hanging Hook
Art Glass Ball 14 inch Yellow Giant Yellow Oval
14 inch ball
Copper Vine Hanger
pink orange yellow feather wrapped 4Art Nouveau Feather
5.5 inch Pink, Orange & Yellow
Copper Curly Hanging HookButton-Sold


Curly Extender Hooks

And finally the extension Curly Hooks to help you place your Bird Feeders, Art Glass Balls and small to medium Hanging Plants.

They can be used indoors or out, over tree branches, from gazebos, hooks or anywhere you have need of an extension hook. To hook over a branch you just open the leaf end, place over the branch and pinch closed enough to stay on but still give growth allowance to the branch. The hook end is then ready for the feeders, art glass or plants.

Our spiral hooks can be pulled out for an additional length of about 1/3 to 1/2 of the initial length for a custom length if needed. This is a light duty hook and can hold small to medium hanging plants but not to be placed over seating or table areas.

“Copper House Design”
8 inch Curly Hook
“Copper House Design”
10 inch Curly Hook
“Copper House Design”
12 inch Curly Hook

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