Fairy Garden Gems


Are you into Fairy Gardens and such?  So are we!  This is my Fairy’s Garden.  She found a discarded ceramic teapot and thought what a wonderful home it could be.  She then added a toadstool to sun herself upon, a bird bath for her friends, a fanciful glass gem wishing well and a home it became!

Does your Fairy need a fanciful glass gem wishing well for her garden?  We make them in a choice of colors to please your Fairy.  Approximate size is 3 inches high and 2 3/4 inches around.  Each is unique to its glass drop.

Put them right on the dirt or place them over a small buried cup of water for authenticity!

bagged well single

Each little Wishing Well is clear bagged for gift giving and tagged with my informational “Hang Tag”.  This hang tag has a Short Description of the wishing well, the wishing wells Name, along with notation that it is hand crafted by Copper Garden Studio and “Made in the USA”; in the state of Michigan to be exact.

If you are looking for the unique gift for your gardener friend or loved one this little Wishing Well fits the bill!



midnight-moon“Copper House Design”
Midnight Moon
crystal-frost-6“Copper House Design”
Crystal Frost
cherry-pop-2 “Copper House Design”
Cherry Pop
christmas-forest“Copper House Design”
Christmas Forrest
peacock-6“Copper House Design”
Peacock Feathers
champagne “Copper House Design”
clear-copper-tone-6“Copper House Design”
Copper Tone
mardi gras (2)“Copper House Design”
Mardi Gras
clear blue eyes“Copper House Design”
Clear Blue Eyes
minty green (2)“Copper House Design”
Minty Green
rootbeer“Copper House Design”
Root Beer
sour cherry“Copper House Design”
Sour Cherries
midnight blue“Copper House Design”
Midnight Blue Skies
frosty copper“Copper House Design”
Frosty Copper
blue winter“Copper House Design”
Blue Winter
ocean wave“Copper House Design”
Ocean Wave
root beer float“Copper House Design”
Root Beer Float
crystal fern“Copper House Design”
Crystal Fern
Dark Blue Green Water“Copper House Design”
Dark Blue Green Water
Rubies“Copper House Design”
mossy water 6“Copper House Design”
Mossy Water
blueberry cherry“Copper House Design”
Blueberry Cherry
cystal clear cats eye 2“Copper House Design”
Crystal Clear Cats Eye
baby blue eyes“Copper House Design”
Baby Blue Eyes

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